Parkinson sick woman healed!

“How are You?” The question was put quite simply to one of the visitors, en 80-yeras old woman in the Pentecostal Church of Hasslö Thursday afternoon the 31- st of January 2008.

-Now, it’s good, she answered! When You were the last time (tw monthes earlier). I was sich in Parkinson, I shivered, I even once fell to the floor.

Suddenly I remembered that moment. The first two benches on the right and left side of the church was filled with people after the sermon, all searching healing, renewal and a new meeting with the Lord! Suddenly that decisive moment was quite clear and bright for my inner eyes. As soon as I discovered that she had Parkinson, I realised that this awful desease was caused by lack of Dopamin. On the other hand, I realized that the answer of Einstein, when he was asked to give his view on how the world came into being.

-There is only one declaration, the one found in the Hebrew letter 11:3;’By faith, we understand that the world came into being by a word of God,  so that what is visible not came from something visible but from what is invisible.

So I said to the Lord: “God, You said:Let there be light, and it was light! You even can say: Let there be insulin’.

And in the middle of my recollection I was interrupted by the woman saying: And it was dopamin ! I have not shivered anymore, I have not fallen anymore, and the doctor i Lyckeby cannot find any Parkinson any more!.

God is o God of wonders!

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