Posted by: samuelsvensson | July 8, 2016


Wave of healings over Uganda!
I just returned from EPTA’s conference in Sofia 27-30 June when on the 1st of July for Skype to go in and teach in the pastor Conference Kamwene in Uganda. The feeling is indescribable when I from my desk looks crowds gather, hear their acclamations and shouts of thanksgiving O praise. Soon, however, we must conclude our study of the Bible. The sun is setting. On my screen, I see how the African friends are reduced to all-black figures amid the huts in an ever-darkening sky.
– You just have to ask a final blessing prayer, so they make to come  home before nightfall says the pastor. Then when the sun goes down and darkness increases the words from  Malachi 4: 2 become so so vivid: “I will cause the sun of righteousness arise with healing under its  wings” and I begin to praise God for the  penetrating rays down from  the sun of righteousness  now  coming down with headings in the shadows and darkness!
Just one day later, the first healing report sent on e-mail about the pastor who had problems with “abnormal tubes” -perhaps bronchial tubes, for 6 years, but now feels much better and healed. In addition the program with video conferences for pastors begin to affect and touch one district after another and my brother reports further that the testimonies of what God has done is coming in one by one to the pastor.

The pastor writes:
This is so amazing and touching.
Indeed, what God told us to do is impacting and touching different districts. This miracle has covered the whole area, I have left that place but people are calling me for testimonies. Praise be to God.

I believe this was from God That We Should cover different areas each month and I have Begun to see the results. ”

I then asked what “abnorminal tubes” meant and ytterligre few days later he replied as follows:

Hello nice to hear from you,
Good morning, the man had a problem with his intestines and the doctors told him That the tubes had problems so he had Severe pains and He Could not bend down but we left him jumping and no more pains.
The community was so touched and What They Wondered was, They had never seen someone preaching live on a bog screen from overseas, and what surprised them was That you prayed for people and got healed instantly and others testified later.
The man had a problem with the internal organs and the doctors told him that “tubes” (lungs!) Had serious problems, which meant that he could not bend down “But we left him jumping without more pain.”


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