Posted by: samuelsvensson | May 27, 2015

God’s Contact Center

On my mind is thankfulness tonight for the wonderful and strong testimony given Tuesday night in our Karisma kväll here in Åstorp, Owe gave his strong report of a young life in the greatest trouble ever. Grown up with a father that neglected him and a peasant that employed him, but gave him so hard conditions, beat him and made life to a hell. In his need he surrendered his life to Jesus confessed old sins for the police and for this was put into prison, There however a pastor visited him one night a week and gave him the same Bibles study he then should give to his church and Owe was mightifully kept in his faith even under these circumstances. However seeing his great need of a wife, he took three days off in prayer an fasting and got even the name of his Godgiven and future wife. Shortly afterwards he met a woman- I think in a meeting- and when they greeted ech other she presented herself with the same name as God had give to him and she was given the same God infused assurance They married got children and dedicated their lives to Jesus! She was a teacher and he came form the group- as Hemingway puts it- outside the borders of the approval of the society. However he Jesus walking among those outside these borders he found Owe, gave him his new life, and to this even a wonderful loving woman. This and other heartbreaking testimonies were give Tuesday night in the Missionshuset Åstorp. The joy filled the church and after the meeting everyone had a bigger Jesus!

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