Posted by: samuelsvensson | December 23, 2014

I saw the light!

After this year’s longest night, I just want to quote Isaiah 9 “However, night shall not remain where now anxiety prevails” .There are moments when God must put a limit. Such limit was put this night. There is a limit to the darkness. Revelation speaks of a world where no night whall be more and this despite the fact that the sun is redundant. The reason was that the glory of God shone on it and the lamb was its lamp. (Rev 21:23) .Only five years old old, I saw this of light and glory shining city. It was associated with childhood prayer that I got to pray together with my fatherĀ and my uncle around the tiny infant bed. In the midst of prayer I came into the Spirit and a heavenly city appeared before my eyes. It was as if it came down diagonally from above and took me completely in its control. The next few who bowed the knees around the child bed did not get in touch with me.
At the same time, I experienced how the body was lifted half a meter above the bed. What I experienced was so great that I must quickly find words to describe it.I shouted: “I see rays of heavenly radiance” and tried thus to put into words my vision in which it constantly got new light flows and in this light flux was as if the new rays in all directions emanating from the main beams.The other day my mother- now 90 years old told me that there was some sort of heavenly atmosphere all the following days. First in secondary school physics class, when the teacher on the blackboard drew a picture of how the atoms exploded at a nuclear fission and energy and flux scattered in all directions, I saw something that looked like my childhood vision of light in the celestial city ….. .. Soon we have passed not only last winter solstice, but last night, and those who followed Him, Lamb go into the light and into the city. Let’s spend time in prayer while wait for the light to go up for those who walk in darkness, those who need salvation and healing.

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