Posted by: samuelsvensson | December 15, 2014


Is the radicality of the ethical message of John the Baptist applicable to  modern man today?

According to liberal theologians and preachers an adequate way of expressing God’s love and mercy  should be to diminish his demands, However with John the Baptist, there is no compromise:Luke 3:9 “Even now the ax is laid to the root of the tree.Every tree that is not fruitful will be cut down and thrown ion the fire”

The solution is in his message of a coming power the power given from heaven in a Biblical message of a coming baptism in the Hoiy Spirit. This was the expression of Divine love!

The  Christian life something we are not expected to produce ourselves by using our own inner potentialities, but we are promised a power that transcends what human potantiality itself can afford, to speak with the distinguished professor of Biblical Studies at Union Theological Seminary, New York Raymond Brown: ” A real issue that faces Christianity today is whether we are thinking simply of a vitalization of a human  spirit that is already in everyman and woman by the fact of existence on this earth, or we still beleive in a Spirit given by God that goes beyond our own potentialities, the Spirit of a revealing and endowing God” (Worship,  Vol 57, Nr 3 May ,83’9 ).

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