Posted by: samuelsvensson | March 1, 2014


The news of the mobilization in the Crimea sends chills through your body. There are over a hundred years ago Lord sent His prophet Anton Johansson from Lebesby in Norway to warn the German nation o Iron Chancellor Otto von Bismarck to position themselves and go into the war that otherwise would soon be triggered by an upcoming skirmish. The Prophet was not admitted, the incident came Crown Prince Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie von Chotek was shot June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo. The incident sparked the so-called black week which was followed by the outbreak of the First World War. Germany entered the war which ended in the defeat of Germany so difficult that with Hitler as leader started the Second World War. May we pray that God sends prophets and they are received so that no more countries causing the present crisis to escalate!

Samuel Svenson, former pastor of Filadeifia Helsingborg with intercession locations in the endangered area.


  1. I’m sorry. It was Kaiser Wilhelm II , that was in power in Germany when the first world war broke out. Samuel Svensson

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