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As we approach Christmas and its message , I will draw Your attention to a lilttle detail in the prophet  predictions of the prophet Isaiah’s 9:6 ,
He is named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
According to my friend prof.emeritus Tryggve Mettinger  at the university of Lund,it can also be translated: Counselor of Miracles. , or Advisor regarding miracles.We can not rule out the role of the miracle in Biblical evangelism. We have it as a prediction in Mark 16:18 ” And these signs will accompany those  who believe; by using my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes in their hands, and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not hurt them, ” During three wonderful days in Peruweis and Leuze in southern Belgium near the French border , I have experienced this , with pastor Emmanuel Mukwege , my former student in the  Institut Superieur en Théologie  in Bukavu, Congo. These were healings , conversions and mighty baptism of the Spirit .
Already the first evening 22 November -13 in the Baptist church in Peruweis she comes forward , the woman who suffered from a paralysis combined with aches from one hip to the foot . She went up and testified with boldness that the pain disappeared and the abililty to move was  restored ! In the second session on Saturday evening would one of the ushcers count the offerings at the church service in the pioneering work in Leuze.When the pastor laid his hand on her,  the Spirit of God came so powerful , so she could not speak for a long time .The mother tongue French failed her when she would explain what had happened . Later , she told me that it was the flowing of heat and power , currents of God’s presence and love. On Sunday morning  one of the young men in the service decided, after my sermon about Jesus parish vision and baptism as entry in this community, he decided to embrace this community in the locality where he was , Peruweis and be baptized and enter the church.The experience of love and fellowship in the church service drew him . In the church service was also a testimony from a previously disabled woman who could just take one step at a time, with one foot before . Now , she showed concretely, how she got power in both feet to walk in full health.
One of the singers , who on Friday evening asked the intercession of his neck and his voice , could give thanks for prayer and sing without any problems on Sunday morning .
Some years ago, there was only 35 members in the Church, of these only 13 remained. However a revival due to personal evangelisation caused among them atheists to come right out from the world , so the congregation increased to 70 members  and this in a country that is considered so hard gospel to talked about Belgium as the missionary ‘s grave.
The campaign was preceded by a week of prayer and fasting in the church and cause mightiful thanksgiving at the coming back to  Sweden.

Happy Advent  Christmas 2013.

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