Posted by: samuelsvensson | November 24, 2012

Christ or Crisis?


Either YOU are in the crisis or You are in Christ!


That was the message that met me in Athens Stanley Hotel last Sunday Morning in a service with ATHENS CHRISTIAN CENTER in a service, packed with young and some middleaged people. The words became very relevant in a situation where 2-3000 people have committed suicide because of the impossibilities to see a future in a country where among other things 23 % of the population has hade to leave their houses and flats because of the crisis.

To say that You either are in the crisis or in Christ can imply some  complications but let me enlighten the problem by a personal testimony: In 40 ° warm weather without the possibilities to buy anything to drink I had to carry two very heavy luggages in 2 km to the busstop, which I believed should be 500 meter away .I  felt yow the tounge got stuck in my throut because of the heat and the lack of water. I tried to endure the thirst by thinking of those who hade much worse things to endure, the Jews in holocaust. Then a for me quit unknown tourist a dicbeliever from Denmark came with hastiness shaking to me:’Who are You? Don’t believe I am a Christian – he said- but a strong voice within compels me:’The man with the two luggages, You have to take to a restaurant and give something to drink’.Don’t think I am a Christan but something I never have experienced before just happens, but please tell me:What kind of person are You?” I answered I am a servant of the Lord, and if you give him something to drink You will not lack Your reward, said Jesus.’ Then he took me to the resaurant and give me wonderful orange juice in the hot weather. That  type of testimony of God’s protection, I even met elsewhere in Greece:”The willingness to meet the diffictulties by hope and faith an then experience God’s protection. Of those who committed suicide, no one was a born again Christian. If You are in the crisis go to Christ an vice versa, was the message last Sunday Morning (18 th of Nov.12) in Athens.  Samuel



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