Posted by: samuelsvensson | November 9, 2012

Healed from obesity

Yesterday night I had a wonderful encounter with a family in Thessaloniki Because of the husbands sickness in cancer, and the medical information from the doctors that in spite of  a prophetic sign that he should be healed, he according to these medical reports was worse and worse she went into prayed  The complications of this double information caused the wife to eat more than ever and this caused her the increase of 50 kg. While she continued to pray she saw a ring, a prophetic sign that she should operate a ring in her stomach to reduce the consummation.  In the same time she discovered the need of baptism and the necessity for her to obey caused her to be baptised 5 years ago in the pentecostal church of Thessaloniki, the old one in Skroda Pra 4. Immediately she was  free from her obesity, lost 54 kg, her husband was healed and now she got answers of prayer concerning her not yet saved sister. She came for the first time Wednesday night here in Thessaloniki and the message of a living hope was imprinted in her heart and cause her to go into the crisis of being born again. She will come on Sunday 11th of November 2 012!

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