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Who wants to fade away?

Tuesday 24th July 2012

Who wants to fade away?

18:42 | Posted by Samuel Smith | 
Who wants to fade away? asks Gertrud Johnson (Sydsvenskan word 14 March -12). The issue is of paramount importance and affects more and more of a community where people are living longer and the health care system can further prolong life. Prof. David Ingvar touched in a radio interview a few years ago human need of expectations and hope for the future, and talked about how hospice staff could put a flower soon ready to take out or put a bird table by the window to the dying patient so that they would at least look forward to tomorrow when  flower  flourished and the bird returned.
In contrast to such a short perspective the brain researcher continued with reference to the Bible’s words, that “man lives not by bread alone, but by every word emanating from God’s mouth “:” In the past it was not so important if you were 10 years more or less, for the best was still to come, eternity ” The learned professor took the unlikely position in matters of faith, and showed  their importance for the quality of life.
How has not faith created meaningful life until the very end! The spirit filled Zacharias prophesied about a time when we should ” serve Him (Christ) all our days without fear,” Luke 1:79. Great deeds are done by people in the latter part of his life. Richard Wagner began composing at age 60, pentecostal leader Lewi Pethrus started his nationally famous alcohol and drug rehabilitation using monetary gifts on the 70th anniversary to rent Nalen as the center for this activity, and then proceeded to take one initiative after another.
With the convocation glow in the interior fades not away, “as long as you live and breathe the last day of battle “(Nils Bolander).


  1. Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
    I am Dr. Gideon Tandirerung, presently doing ministry among the New Canadians in Montreal, QC Canada.

    Recently, I was appointed by the Committee of International Conference in Indonesia to recruit candidates to be invited to attend the conference which will be held from Tuesday, November 13 to Friday 16, 2012 in Yogyakarta (Central Java) Indonesia. The main purpose of this conference is to unite Christian brothers from all denominations so that the body of Christ on earth will stand together and witness to the world about His love and hope.

    I am assigned to recruit people from Canada, USA, Latin America, Brazil, African Arabs, Australia, Pacific Islands and Asia. It is FREE. Your ticket and hotel will be paid, except your allowance. As soon as you confirmed the ticket will be sent to you. If you are interested to attend, let me know as soon as possible because the time is so limited and it is high season. You should come with your husband or wife possible. The committee prefer husband and wife.

    I appreciate if you could send me several names, include and complete address, telephone numbers and emails possible so that I can contact them as soon as possible. If you could call me much better. I am looking forward to hear from you. Thank you. God blesses you.

    I can be contacted through:

    Dr. Gideon Tandirerung
    4421 Rue Chauvin, Pierrefonds, QC H9H 2Y1
    Tel: (514) 6206162 (7.00 p.m. or after, or (514) 5692219 (Cell)

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