Posted by: samuelsvensson | August 30, 2012

Healed from Lymedisease with meningitis throug a prayer towel.

In Sweden about 10 000 people are annually infected by Lyme disease through tick bites. Approximately carries a third of all ticks on the bacterium.
If You are inrected it is necessary with rapid treatment with antibiotics. Otherwise there is the risk of suffering from various diseases at worst, numbness and paralysis.
Faced with the threat of this infection my heart is filled with gratitude for what God did at a disbeliever a 40 year old woman who abroad was hit by a tick bite with Lyme disease as a result. The infection deposed in meningitis and went ahead and sat down on the sense of balance so that she when she was in her apartment in Strömsta repeatedly lost her balance and fell to the floor.
Her faithful mother came to me on the conference in Hamar and asked me to pray for a towel of prayer that she wanted to give to her sick daughter. I did so, and when her daughter got the towel she asked what she should do with it.
Legg-den between puten and putetøyet (Put it between the pillow and pillowsheet) when you go to bed you, and say nothing to anyone.
The daughter did so. In the morning she was free not only from balance disorders, but from meningitis and from Borrelia.
It’s been some 10 years since the incident took place but I spoke with the mother as recently to night and she confirmed: Her daughter is still healthy!
The event gives us a stronger faith in God and his capabilities and also allows us to accept the challenge and act on our faith, just as the woman’s mother did!
It also allows us to understand that God is not dependent on our piety when he intervenes.
God wants to bless you to trigger the power of God in the context in which you are located!

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