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A mighty wind from the Spirit of Lord caused people to see New Testament signs and miracles during the evangelisation in Slovakia 2011. The following report was written by the local pastor Jarozlav Kobza for the local papers in Apostolske Cirkef in Slovakia and with his permission we use this report to the honour of God!

The GOSPEL, The Power of God is Alive, Have  The First-hand Experience
An evangelization in the AC (Apostolske Cirkev) congregation in Dubnica nad Vahom on October 13 th – 16 th , 2011 with our guests Samuel Svensson, the team from Padina, Serbia with Dan Tomasik has met our expectations. During the three evenings an one Sunday we were listening with big interest songs and preaching. The theme was: The Gospel, The Power of God is alive. This theme wasn’t chosen accidentally because God has really recognized us and his power was really alive, During his preaching Samuel used many examples and testimonies which he personaly experienced  so we heard the message  the Gospel that captured the lost people and they accepted the prayer of salvation. We believe that these people remain to be devoted disciples.
Before the evangelization we had a week of prayers an fasting and members of our congregation came every evening to pray together for the salvation of many well known, less known and also unknown people. It was very important time because prayers and fasting helped to renew our faith and relationsships.
The very interesting thing is , that every evening during the evangelization some new and also for us unknown people came. Some of them raised their hands and came forward on the appeal for accepting Jesus – Andrej and his wife Sasha, Milan, Michal’s parents, an older man Stefan, a friend of Helenka from Trencin, two unknown girls – probably form Dubnica and others.
From these people we see Andreja and Sasha coming following Sundays to our congregation.
We were witnesses of some recoveries. For example  Lucia felt the strong God’s touch when she fell down and stayed lying on the floor, Andrej prayed for his teeth and also lay down by the power of God, and the same was with a girl from Zilina and a woman from Trencin. Janko Braslik recovered from his backache and he brought his medical report about it. Slavka’s knee recovered, Radovan had for many years problems with skin on his legs and one week after the evangelization he testified that he recovered. Jozka prayed for good sleeping. Her situation got much better. Even if she wake up in the middle of the night, she can fall asleep again.
We had much more recoveries because the prayers always took more than one hour and many people were from other congregations. We don’t have their testimonies yeat but we are still wating for them.
Normally about 50 peoples attend our congregation on Sunday but during the evangelization there were about 90 people. This fact clearly shows that such events are much needed.
A big thanks belongs to our Lord and also to Samuel Swensson from Sweden, Dan Tomasik and his team from Serbia and to everybody who could help. May the Lord strongly bless them all.
In Dubnica nac Vahoom, Slovaki, November 4 th , 2011
                           Jaroslav Kobza



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