Posted by: samuelsvensson | January 14, 2012


In the sixties I grow up with the left wing ideology dominating our world view, according to which there should be a bloody uproar from the side of the black ones to overrule the white government and break down the apartheid regime. A lof of weapons were in fact gathered and the then coming leade Nelson Mandela  regarded the weapons to be necessary in the fight for freedom. However something happened. Twenty years ago I was called to speak on a reconciliation conference in Rustenberg and got in contact with coloured pentecostal people. They talke all the time of their leader Nichoalus Benghu and his message of reconciliation. According to some information he was even searched by Nelson Mandela and got the opportunity to give him  Jesus message ov non violence and the strategy of ANC was quite changed. No such amount of blood was lost as was before threatened. People who can complete or correct this information are mostly welcome to do so on this blog.However we thank GOd for Nelson Mandela, for Nichalus Benghu and most of all for JEsus CHrist, still the Prince of Peace even in all worldly and political affairs.

Samuel Svensson

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