Posted by: samuelsvensson | January 21, 2011

Spirituality-the solution for social democracy

The earliler Swedish Prime Minster Tage Erlander expressed himseol in an interview in GOTEBORGSPOSTEN, alreadhy 1979 concerning the need of a spiritual renewal in Swedich social Democracy.

-We are living in a time of change. In my dayw we hade Marx to believe on, His theories were possible to adapt to our society. ..Marx based his theories on the old indsutrial society.They do not fit into our computertechnologiacl society..We are lacking someon on whom we can anchor oud ideology and engage people.

Tager Erlander was also fond ofthe Finnish philosopher Ernt von Wright, who worte his book “Science and sense” in which he openly declared:What help do we have of all nobel prizes as long as we cannot answer the fundamnetal human questions:From where o we com and where are we going. In the foreword of his book he cited the word of Jesus:”IF THE LIGHT IN YOU IS DARKNESS, HOWE GREAT IS THE DARKNESS!”

He waw also the need of getting rid of the strangeness in the Swedish society and referred to the revival in his youthe days in Värmland where whole cillages were destroyed by alocoholism. Then came simple evangelists and preached bout heaven and hell, reconciliation, and whole societies were lifted to a new level.

Perhaps the situation as the same today? Materialism cannot fill the spiritual hunger. “Give me that old time religion”

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