Posted by: samuelsvensson | January 18, 2009

January 2 009

Bethel Church Astorp 13 th of January.

A tremendous meeting took place in Betel Astorp on teh 13 th of January.After having celebrated the Lord’s Supper the Holy Spirit fell in such a marvelous wayh that one of the 9 persons coming form Helsingborg, a newly saved man could’t stand no his feet. He fell  to his chair and then was pressed bit by bit downwards. In the same time a mightiful power came over his life, and immediately afterwards, he stood on the pulpit praising God, testifying of a strong light that came as a power into his heart and enlightened it.

Tuesday the 20 th of January

“God’s Fire over Sweden”

Prophetical messages have declared; There will be a fire of revivle over Skåne. The last of them, given in a testimony b one of the newly saved onw from Helsingborg. Samuel Svensson will proclaim the necessity of God’s fire by expounding the experience of Moses at the burning bush. A lof of songs, worship and praise will follow. Rich opportunities for prayer for healings and spiritual restoration will be given. Afterward a warming fellowship in the souterrain flat.

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