Posted by: samuelsvensson | January 1, 2009

January 2009

ANNUAL MEETING 13th of January 19. in Betel Åstorp

Theme:”His Name shall be :Wonder-Consellor! “According to the Hebrew language, this word in Isaiah 9 6  can also be translatad a counsellor concerning Wonders! In this service we put a lot of testimonies and give time to worship and praise.After-Church, a nice Open House with a burnng furnace


Looking back we see that it was in fact an inner call from the Holy Spirit to just rebuke the lach of dopamin in the head  of the Parkinson sick Woman in souther Sweden  at the end of last year. Two months afterwards she could testify:”No more shakings, no more falls,the doctor cannot find any Parkinson”

Standing eye-to eye before the diabetic sick woman outside Frankfurt, the Holy Spirit told me to pray according to Hebrew 11:3. That’s why I said:”As You Lord on the dya of creation said:’Let there be light!”‘ and it was light.So You can say to the pancreas:’Let there be insulin.’ “‘ And insulin came. The woman was healed bu in spite of the declaration of the doctor:What I have not seen in m whole life has taken place. The pancreas starts to produce insulin again. When the woman couldn’t beleive this she took insulin-in jections and got coma.  God is real!

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